Hockey is the sport whereby two opposing teams play against one another by manoeuvering a ball (a puck), into the opponent’s goal by the use of equipment known as a hockey stick. Just like in any other sport, hockey has rules and regulations to be followed, that ensure a smooth game. Here is a focus on the basic rules of hockey.

What Are The Basic Rule Of Hockey?

Hockey is subdivided into two categories; Field Hockey and Ice Hockey. The basic rules of hockey stretch into both these categories and other subcategories within them, ensuring smooth play and safety too. One of these rules is that the red line should not be considered in play when making the stretch passes.

Other Rules Of Hockey

A player is not supposed to kick the ball. If you accidentally kick the ball, then you should stop dribbling the ball. If you do it on purpose to gain an advantage, then the ball will automatically be possessed by the other team. Also, you are just supposed to use the face side of the hockey stick to play. Using the back side of the hockey stick will result in a penalty, and the opposing team will then possess the ball.

During the game, you should not swing the hockey stick too high, especially when starting a corner or when taking a free hit, since it can be dangerous. You can accidentally hit your opponent or even your teammate in the process. Saftey and sportsmanship is paramount in any game. Because hockey is known to be an exhilarating and a fast-paced game, extra caution should always be taken to avoid injuring yourself or the other players.

Hockey Rules Are Quite Simple.

Every type of sport has got rules and regulations. With hockey, the rules are not complicated, so as long as you adhere to them, the game will be fascinating. Hockey involves two teams on the field, each having eleven players. It also has an unlimited number of opportunities for subs, allowing the players to have sufficient time to rest. For a successful win, players need to adhere to the rules, by avoiding purposely kicking the ball or using the face side of the stick. Ensuring safety during the game will ensure the ball remains on their side at most times, increasing the chances of winning.

The basic rules of hockey protect the players