They literally throw themselves with abandon in the rink, letting nothing or no one come in between them and their goal, but these famous players are known for other crazy deeds too, before and after their matches – from superstition to weird health issues and eating habits. Read on to know more.

The magic powder

Joe Nieuwendyk, the former NHL player would sprinkle baby powder on his stick before each and every game. One of many famous players technical tricks you might think. It wasn’t to help his grip though. He just believed that this powder had magical powers that made him score more goals.

Famous players’s in Hockey weird superstitions

Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins will have no one else but him tape his sticks. Again, it’s nothing technical, or not only. He simply will not have anyone touch them. If anyone cares, he’ll go on and re-tape them all over again. That’s not all. His poor mother is not allowed to call him on game days. Ray Bourque’s thing instead was the skate laces. He’d change them not only before each game but also during every intermission.

Stephan Lebeau instead, would chew between 20 to 25 gums at a time before his games, then he’d spit the lot out exactly 2 minutes before game time. Think that’s disgusting? How about Bruce Gardiner dipping his stick in the toilet before each game? Then there was Glenn Hall, the one we all loved to call “Mr Goalie” – he simply could not hold his stomach and had a habit of vomiting before the games. Legendary career though.

Past life matters

The Canadian player, Gilles Gratton might only have had a 6-year career in the 70’s but his habits came from way back – past lives he’d reincarnated from that is. His nickname ‘The Count’ as a matter of fact came from this. He remembered vivid details of holding this title in Spain, including lining up commoners and throwing stones at them. At least in this life, he’s restricted himself to simply hanging out naked after practice.

Famous players in wild hockey action