It is true that many people hate attending meetings because they consider it as a waste of time. Researchers have found that in almost all organizations, employees spend 37% of their time attending meetings and approximately 47 percent of these employees regard this as a waste of time. All memorable meetings should be well organized, effective, fun, short and precise. Moreover, the responsibility of making a meeting memorable lies more on the employer. However, employees can also facilitate it.

How To Make Meetings Memorable

Creating memorable meetings might be a challenge to many people. However, there are various factors that every meeting planner needs to consider while organizing a meeting to make it fun and unforgettable for the attendees. First, any meeting should begin with an icebreaker activity. This will make people relax and have fun. Secondly, the meeting should be held in an environment where attendees get a chance to connect freely with one another and share their opinions.

Moreover, the speaker should always go straight to the point and stick to the objectives of the meeting. Meeting organizers should implement a policy of punishing people who come to the meeting late. For instance, they can be told to sing nursery rhymes or their national anthem. The speaker should also be humorous. This would be a very good way of entertaining other people in the meeting and make the events of the meeting unforgettable.

Why Is Creating A Memorable Meetings Important

Creating Memorable meetings is beneficial to both the organizer and the attendees. For instance, it helps in facilitating team building. Through these meetings, people come together to interact and share their different opinions regarding the organization. Memorable meetings are also a good platform where people get a chance to engage in casual conversation to share their life experiences. Further, organizations depend on memorable meetings to foster communication with their employees, boost their motivation and improve their morale.

In addition, memorable meetings create an opportunity for people to have a break from their busy daily routine and have fun. The humor used by speakers in memorable meetings can help in enhancing employees’ job performance and their creativity. Joseph Allen and Nale Lehmann found that humor helps in promoting supportive behavior, encourages collaboration and enhances people’s creativity. Besides, in memorable meetings, all attendees regardless of their position are given a chance to make their inputs.

How to make memorable meetings

Why Some Meetings Are Memorable

Many event planners find it difficult to organize a memorable meeting due to lack of necessary skills. Nevertheless, there are various factors that need to be considered while planning a meeting. Firstly, the speaker should always be clear and stick to the meeting’s objectives. Ice breaks should also be included before the meeting begins. The environment where the meeting takes place should be conducive and allow attendees to interact freely. Besides, creating memorable meetings exhibit a wide range of benefits to both the attendees and the organizer. For example, it creates a platform where people interact to share their experiences Also, through these meetings, planners are able to enhance their skills.

Calm Down Before a Meeting

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