In June of 2017, SportsNet Canada made a survey, asking 1,500 Canadians to vote for their favourite hockey team. When the first results came in, no one was surprised. The two big winners were the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens, with only the slightest difference between them, at 27% to 26%.

Hockey survey on my favourite teams

My Favourite Teams By Region

Digging deeper into the results of my favourite teams, SportsNet Canada, found out more juicy patterns in the country’s six regions. In most of them, of course, the most popular teams were obvious.However, when you see that The Habs hold the heart of 3 out of 4 hockey fans in Quebec, and the Maple Leafs are the favourite of 3 in 5 Ontarian NHL followers, then you start wondering why.

More Regional Favourites

What’s pretty curious about the data that comes out, is that the Ottawa Senators have fewer supporters in Ontario than the Canadiens do. That’s not all though, as in Quebec only 3% of people go for the Leafs. It can’t be an easy life for the supporters, although seats must be easier to come by.

Maple Leafs Or Canadiens?

If your question during a big date is the other’s favourite hockey, then you had better be supporting one of the two favourites, or you could be in for a letdown. It’s basically either the Maple Leafs at 54% or Canadiens at 52%, so it’s a tightly run race for the top. What are the factors that make this minimal difference do you think?

More Hockey

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